Online take Chinese name for free, generate nice Chinese name. You can choose the name of the historical person, the name of the person in the novel, and the random name, come and take your Chinese name now. You can also learn the history of Chinese names.

After entering your name type and gender, you can see the generated name on the top by clicking the "Get a Chinese name" button.

Name, consisting of last name and first name. The name of a person is a sign of a specific name given to each individual by human beings, and is a sign that distinguishes individual differences of the individual through language and text information. Name, human beings may interact in a normal and orderly manner, so everyone has a name of their own. The name of a person appears only after the language has been produced. Every nation has a lot of habits for naming people. This habit is Restricted by many cultural factors such as history, society, and nationality. A person's name usually has a certain meaning.

The name is the thought of the elders of the famous masters who inherit the masters and the memories of others' own logical thoughts. The names of any ethnic groups are transliterated into Chinese characters, and they also have Chinese names for themselves. The name and Sur addition together the name of the Chinese. In addition, in addition to the name of the Chinese, the former people often have words. Chinese traditional etiquette, usually only the elders can call people the "name", the peers or the late generations Of the word is not named, even the emperor monarch is also known as the courtiers, if the name is more contemptuous, and even mean that the person is guilty.

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